Summary: A replacement version of the attachlist directive with additional functionality.
Version: 0.1
Status: alpha
Maintainer: Christian Ridderström
Categories: Uploads

Questions answered by this recipe

  • How can I list uploaded attachments?
  • How can filter the list of attachments based on a search pattern?
  • How can I show the directory structure of uploaded attachments?
  • How can I list attachments from other wikis (wiki farm)

Description and usage

This recipe provides an extended version of the directive (:attachlist:) that is used to provide a list of attachments.

The recipe is documented at

This recipe was written for use with An important difference between that site and more traditional installations of PmWiki is that it uses a separate file manager rather than PmWiki's upload mechanism. The major reason for using a separate file manager was to allow attachments to be stored in a hierarchical structure. In order to list attachments in a hierarchical structure, this recipe was written.


  • This recipe is considered a preview, please do not deploy on live sites. Things are likely to change drastically.
  • Caveat: This recipe was designed for use with the site and it is in its current form probably not suitable for standard pmwiki installations.
  • This recipe is still in alpha stage. It has not been prepared to let an administrator configure it without editing the actual script.

Release Notes

2006-07-16 - v. 0.1
Started draft page of cookbook recipe.


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  • Christian Ridderström

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