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AbcSong  add and edit abc music using existing PmWiki scripts and rendered as score and midi by abcjs javascript abc editor (stable)
AbcTunebook  add and edit abc music using Fox and rendered as score and midi by abcjs javascript abc editor (stable)
AddDeleteLine3  An easy way to add information to a page and delete it again. (Probably works)
AddFootnote  Insert markup to create a footnote (Beta)
AddNewline  Make wiki text end with a newline character, so the last line won't be marked as changed if text is added at the bottom
AddSignature  Insert markup for a stylized signature (Beta)
AddToggle  Add a toggle link (Beta)
AddToWatchlist  Add or remove a page from your watchlist trail with a single click (beta)
AjaxEditSupport  Adds a wikipage/attachment/category AJAX browser to Edit pages (WIP)
AnyWikiDraw  Java based drawing tool to replace PmWikiDraw eventually (In development)
AtLinks  Alternative linking scheme with @ prefix (@Page) (Stable)
AuthorContribution  Automatically Produce an "Author Contributions" page for each author. (Stable)
AutoGroupPages  How to create a number of pages for a new group automatically (stable)
AutomaticChangeSummary  Automatic change summaries
AutoSave  Autosave pages in the background while editing (beta)
B3  Easy to install and use wiki blogging system (Experimental)
Bloge-Ping  Notify search engines when a page is modified (beta)
BulkReplace  Change the content of many pages at a time (just a rough draft)
Callout  Present something within an iconic bubble or style. (alpha)
ChordPro  Display ChordPro-formatted song sheets in a wiki page (Stable)
ChordPro-Talk  Discussion of ChordPro (Stable)
CodeMirror  An enhanced page editor for PmWiki (Stable)
ConfirmEditNotSaved  Ask users to confirm if they are leaving the edit page without saving
ConvertTABLE  How to convert HTML pages with tables full of data into advanced tables
DefaultTableAttributes  How to change the default attributes for tables created using PmWiki.Tables
DeltaBytesRecentChanges  Display the number of bytes (characters) added or deleted to a page in RecentChanges.
DiffDelay  In page histories, display vertical spacing proportional to the time between the edits. (Preview)
DragDropMultiUpload  Allow authors to upload files by simply dropping them into the wiki page (Beta)
EditAttributes  Edit a page's title, description and other attributes using separate EditForm fields (beta)
EditAttributes-Talk  Talk Page for the EditAttributes bundle
EditFormCustomFields  Add "Title", "Creation Date", etc. custom input fields to the edit form of PmWiki. This enables mentioning the title of a page in a separate input field rather than in the (:title ...:) markup. Also enables changing the value of a page's 'ctime'. Can be customized to include more fields. (Working)
EditFormSamples  Provide administrators and authors with examples and instructions for replacing or customizing their site's Site.EditForm.
EditHelp  Easier editing with automatic detection and insertion of some wiki markups (Experimental)
EditMore  Provides desirable Site.EditForm additions for title, keywords, description, tags (categories), and notes (so far!). (Functional)
EditOnDblClick  Enable edit on double-clicking a page
EditPosFix  Memorize both the last scroll position and cursor position when editing.
EditTemplates  Specify a wiki page or pages to use as a template when a new page is created. (Stable)
EditTemplatesMenu  Allow authors a choice among several pre-filled templates for new pages (Stable)
EditThisPageLink  short markup for a link to 'edit this page'
EditTitle  Provide a separate edit field for the page title. (Works for me)
EditToolbar  A shiny new set of icons, replacing and extending those on the standard edit toolbar. (Active)
EmacsPmWikiMode  Allow the use of Emacs for editing wiki pages in a PmWiki
EnableTabs  Enable Tabs in the main edit text area (Beta)
EncodePost  Base64 encode/decode fields in posted forms as a workaround for mod_security (experimental)
EtherpadInclusion  This recipe describes a way how to include data stored in collaborative documents in Etherpad-Lite via IncludeXML into PmWiki. (experimental)
EX  Simple "edit section" for wiki pages (experimental)
ExcelPaste  Copy and paste spreadsheet tables (e.g., from Excel) into pages (Stable)
FCKEditor  How to implement FCKEdit in PmWiki (unsupported and buggy -- read all notes below, and be prepared to experiment and test; this may or may not work for you.)
FileAttachList  Adds a Ajax list of quickly attachable files to the edit page (Stable)
FilmScript  Enable film script markup
FixURL  Encode special characters in link addresses (Beta)
Flipbox  Flippable checkboxes and checklists (Beta)
Fox  Form processor to add, replace, copy, delete content plus upload files and send email notifications using templates and Input markup (stable)
FoxEdit  add edit links for editing page sections and PTVs with Fox (stable)
FoxTextReplace  replace text strings on multiple pages (experimental)
FuseEdit  Merge the latest successive minor edits in page histories (Beta)
GoogleSiteMap  Create an XML sitemap in the root of the website which is suitable for submission to Google (and other) search engines. (Active)
GrepRC  Search the RecentChanges entries similarly to a pagelist (Beta)
GuiButtons  add guibuttons to any textarea edit box (stable)
GuiEditDateButton  javascript calendar to insert a date (Stable)
GuiEditResize  Allows resizing of the Edit text box, for convenience. (Initial release.)
GUIEditSnippets  Easily define text blocks/snippets and insert them in the wiki page with a button (Experimental)
I19  Translator-oriented edit form, easing the internationalization (i18n) of a wiki (Experimental)
ImportTabTable  import and convert tab table to simple table markup quickly. (stable)
IncludeWithEdit  Enable editing of included text (last tested on PmWiki Version 2.2.0.beta45)
InlineDiff  Shows the difference between 2 versions by highlighting the changes in markup on word level. (stable)
InputDraw  InputDraw, a Flash-based drawing tool (beta testing)
JavaScriptHelpers  Collection of simple JavaScript tools for wikis (Planning)
LatexMarkup  Enables the usage of a subset of LaTeX syntax as an alternative markup (except Math). (working (but with very limited features))
LazyWebLinks  Cause markup text beginning with "www." to be automatically converted into a link to an external site
LimitDiffsPerPage  Paginate the "diff" output (when viewing a page history, limit the number of displayed revisions at once) (Stable/Beta)
LiteralWhiteSpace  Preserve white spaces, tabs and extra lines (beta)
LiveEdit  Edit blocks of wiki-text in pop-up windows right from the wiki page. Editable blocks can be automatically detected/created on existing wiki pages using a Javascript-based GUI-like tool. An authenticated user with edit permission can edit the contents inside the blocks right from the page's view in a 'pop-up' editing environment. One can now choose from different themes/skins for the LiveEdit environment, as well as create custom themes/skins. Very useful for better organizing and maintaining contents of a wiki page, especially if the page is large. (Working great! Latest improvements in auto-detect tool are in beta test.)
MessageAfterPosting  Provide a message to users after posting and /or prompt them to notify relevant people
MovePage  Move and copy wiki pages (production)
MovePage-Talk  Talk Page for MovePage recipe
Multilink  How to create multilinks
NewGroupWarning  Display a warning when a user is creating a page in a non-existing wiki group.
NewPageBox  How to provide a form or box to allow users to create new pages (deprecated in favour of NewPageBoxPlus) (Deprecated)
NoteIt  NoteIt is a simple Windows application to create notes for PmWiki (Prototype)
NotSavedWarning  Warn authors when they move away from a page without saving it; optionally request an edit summary or an author name (beta)
PageDiffSize  Add an accurate count of characters added & removed to each edit summary (beta)
PasteImgUpload  Upload an image by copying and pasting in the editing area directly. (Only works with Chrome)
PITS  The PmWiki Issue Tracking System (Beta)
PITS-Community  Generic PmWiki Issue Tracking System ("pits")
PkTemplate  Easily create multiple pages from a user-supplied template (stable)
PmSyntax  Syntax highlighting for the PmWiki documentation and edit form (Experimental)
PmWikiDraw  Java drawing recipe based on TWikiDraw
PmWikiDrawBugsAndFeatures  PmWikiDraw Bugs and Features - Reported/Proposed
PmWikiDrawBugsAndFeaturesDone  PmWikiDraw Bugs and Features - Done/Implemented
PmWikiDrawChangeLog  PmWikiDraw Change Log
PositioningCursorInEditForm  How to position the cursor at the end in the edit form
PreviewChanges  Preview highlighted changes of the wiki markup (Stable, added to core)
PreviewFirst  How to get the page preview to appear before the edit box
PTVReplace  Add link markup or input forms to replace values in PageTextVariables (beta)
Pywe  Provides author-preferred text editor support for PmWiki page edits (Beta)
RecentChangesDeletion  Allow authors to delete RecentChanges pages, there-by making it possible for authors to delete wiki groups.
RememberEditPosition  Return the editing textarea to the previous position when previewing a page (beta)
RequireCategory  Require categories to be entered
RichEdit  WYSIWYG editor (Abandoned)

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