Summary: resources to use new HTML5 elements
Prerequisites: PmWiki 2.2.58 or newer
Status: new
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Questions answered by this recipe

How can I use new HTML5 elements?


Various HTML5 extension recipes.

List of Recipes

Cookbook /
Audio5  HTML5 Audio Support for PmWiki (Stable)
FormsPlus  Form extensions adding new HTML5 input types (new updated)
HTML5Audio  Play HTML5 Audio (obsolete - use APE - Automagical PmWiki Embed instead)
HTML5Video  Show HTML5 Video (obsolete - use APE - Automagical PmWiki Embed instead)
Video5  HTML5 Video Support for PmWiki (Stable)

HTML5 Markup extensions

Note: Semantic HTML5 tags (article, section, nav, header, footer, aside, address) are included in PmWiki distribution from version 2.2.75 (2015-04-26).
For a start some code snippets to add new markup rules to older version.
Add to config.php:

Some new semantic block-level elements

(:article:), (:section:), (:header:), (:footer:), (:nav:), (:aside:), (:canvas:), (:address:)
All closing with (:<tagname>end:)

(:article:) and (:section:) can be nested using numerals prepended, same as used in div markup
Attributes are passed on. First name without a key= is used as id=<name>.

Markup_e('html5', '>table',
  "HTML5Block(\$m[1], \$m[3])");

function HTML5Block($name,$attr) {
  global $MarkupFrame; 
  $attr = preg_replace("/^\\s*([\\w]+)\\s?/","id='$1'",$attr);
  $attr = PQA($attr);
  $name = strtolower($name);
  $key = preg_replace('/end$/', '', $name);
  $out = '<:block>'.MarkupClose($key);
  if (substr($name, -3) == 'end') return $out;
  $cf = & $MarkupFrame[0]['closeall'];
  $el = preg_replace("/\\d+/",'',$key);
  $out .= "\n<$el $attr>";
  $cf[$key] = '
</'.$el.'><!-- '.$key.' end -->';
  return $out;



Change log / Release notes

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