Summary: Generates a list of wikipages with special access permissions.
Version: 1.0
Status: stable
Maintainer: Sven
Categories: Administration

Questions answered by this recipe

  • I changed my wiki's security policy, so I had to modify several wikipages' access permissions. How can I make sure I didn't forget any?

Note, recent (post-2008) PmWiki versions ship with the page [[SiteAdmin.AuthList]] which does more or less what is described here. --Petko


This plugin generates a list of all wikipages that have special access permissions set. Supports filtering and sorting. The list includes links to directly view, edit and re-attr the page.

How to Install

  1. Install the Prerequisites. phpinc's install process is described on its own page. For "installing" lib_string_tools, just copy it anywhere and add "require_once '/path/to/lib_string_tools.php';" anywhere in your config. (If it doesn't work anywhere, write it at the top of your config.)
  2. Download xs-perm-list-v1.0.zipΔ and unpack it in your PmWiki directory.
  3. Go to Site.AccessPermissionList?. You should get an execution denied error message.
  4. Allow the execution (see phpinc's "documentation").
  5. The list should now work.


See Discussion at SurveyYourAccessPermissions-Talk?.


  • v1.0: Initial stable release


  • Sven - original author

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