Summary: How can I know how many times a file was downloaded from my wiki?
Version: 0.6 - 07.18.2008
Prerequisites: Probably requires at least PmWiki version: 2.0; last tested on PmWiki version: 2.1.beta17
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How can I know how many times a file was downloaded from my wiki?


Download unofficial version 0.5: downloadman_0_5_aidin.phpΔ (see changelog, old official version 0.4. is still available: downloadman.phpΔ ).

  • downloadman_0_6_aidin.phpΔ - Former versions incorrectly placed info in download.manager instead of .download.manager. Changed it so that it matches the description below, and now works out-of-the-box with TotalCounter which expects to find .download.manager. see the changlog below for more details. overtones99 July 18, 2008, at 09:33 PM

It is a very simple download manager. It keeps track of every file download and displays the counter next to it.

After you install it (see below) you can use instead than the usual syntax Attach:filename.ext the new syntax Download:filename.ext which will give you the download indication.



Download the script from above and place it in your cookbook directory. Then add include_once('cookbook/downloadman.php'); in your local configuration (local/config.php).


No particular configuration is necessary but if you want you can change the "action=" that the script uses by giving a value to the $DownloadManagerAction variable before including the script (default action is "downloadman").

ex. $DownloadManagerAction = 'downloadman';


To see the download count next to your attachments use instead than the usual syntax Attach:filename.ext the new syntax Download:filename.ext.

New in 0.5:

To only display the download count use syntax DownloadCount:filename.ext.


The $[downloads] string is used and can be internationalized (i18n).


Of course the download count is strictly dependent to the upload system of PmWiki. For example if in two different pages we have two occurances of the same file, the same download count will be displayed. Two occurances of two different files with same name will correctly display the two distinct download count.

A single text file is saved in the wiki.d directory with the name .download.manager in which the informations are stored. Since the directory already has write permissions, no configuration is needed.

note that v0.5 & 0.4 seem to actually use download.manager (no leading period (.)), which makes it not work with TotalCounter, and doesn't seem to match the description here. overtones99 July 18, 2008, at 09:33 PM

Part of the code is based on the original PmWiki upload.php script by Pm.


You can see the recipe live this one


  • 0.1 - 12.12.2005
    • First implementation
  • 0.2 - 21.12.2005
    • Public release
  • 0.2b - 16.01.2006
    • Added a fix which may prevent some problems with multiple accesses.
  • 0.3 - 24.01.2006
    • Reduced locking loop to 5 seconds.
    • Changed creation of lock directory to lock file, to prevent problems with some providers.
  • 0.4 - 16.05.2007 - Dave Carver
    • Fix issue with Internet Explorer 6.0 not recognizing files.
  • 0.5 - 09.09.2007 - Aidin Abedi
    • Added DownloadCount:filename.ext to only display count while Download:filename.ext is only used as url link.
  • 0.6 - 07.18.2008 - overtones99
    • According to both this DownloadManager page and the TotalCounter page, download info is supposed to be stored in .download.manager -- however it appears earlier versions (at least 0.4 & 0.5) were putting them in download.manager (no leading .); i changed all occurrences of download.manager to .download.manager, and one instance of download.manager.lock to .download.manager.lock - TotalCounter now works with DownloadManager by default, and the code matches the descriptions above...

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