Summary: Display online status for AOL, Yahoo! instant messaging, Skype, or Meebo Me!
Version: 2007-02-04
Prerequisites: PmWiki 2.1.0
Status: Stable
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Questions answered by this recipe

  • Is there any markup that display my online status for messaging networks such as Yahoo! Messenger or AIM?


You can use onlinestatus.phpΔ to show your status in Yahoo!, AIM, and Skype. Basic markup is also provided to include a Meebo Me! widget. Download and place onlinestatus.phpΔ in your cookbook folder, and add the following line to config.php or another local configuration file:


This recipe adds the (:onlinestatus:) markup, which has at present two arguments: service name(svc) and ID. So for each image that you want to display, add a line like this:

  (:onlinestatus svc=SVC_NAME id=YOUR_ID:)

where SVC_NAME is the name of the service (yim, aol, or skype) and YOUR_ID is your ID for that particular service.

For Meebo, you chose a size when you created your widget, so you want to do this:

  (:onlinestatus svc=meebo id=YOUR_ID size=YOUR_SIZE:)

where YOUR_SIZE is either s (small), m (medium), or l (large).

If you don't want to mess with a markup recipe, the following standard markups can be used to display a person's online status.

Yahoo! Messenger

Use the following markup/url (replacing username with your Yahoo! ID):


Use the following markup (replacing SCREENNAME with your AIM screen name):



Release Notes

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2007-02-07: made the Meebo Me! code XHTML compliant and allowed any width/height to be set.
2007-02-04: added Meebo Me! code.
2006-09-06: small fix for AOL code.

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See Discussion at OnlineStatus-Talk

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