Summary: A drop in replacement for the PmWiki (:messages:) directive
Version: 2024-04-27
Prerequisites: PmWiki 2.3.33; PHP 8
Status: beta
Maintainer: simon
Licence: GPL3#
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Questions answered by this recipe

Can I display selected debugging messages from $MessagesFmt from only one, or from selected, message sources.


A drop in replacement for the PmWiki (:messages:) directive. Based on code from PITS:01368.

The global variable $MessagesFmt is written to by PmWiki recipes with debug and similar information. By convention the array has two dimensions, the first a string identifying the source of the message, and the second a string with the debug message itself.

Differences are:

  • comma or space separated parameters, with wildcards, can be supplied to select the messages displayed
  • only messages for specified parameters are displayed
  • parameters are case insensitive
  • directive does not have to start at the beginning of a line
  • the output is placed within a HTML section of class=messages
  • groups of messages are separated by a blank line
  • groups of messages can be rolled up by using the display=details parameter


  • download messagesreplacement-2024-04-27.phpΔ
  • copy to the /cookbook/ directory as messagesreplacement.php
  • add to config.php the line
    include_once ($FarmD/cookbook/messagesreplacement.php);


Place the directive, as described below, in your PmWiki page.

The recipe provides a page variable {$MessagesReplacementVersion} which contains the current version, and page variable $@MessagesReplacement for a (:if enabled MessagesReplacement:) recipe installation check.


(:messages optional,list of names with,wildcards* display="details" :)

  • parameters are optional and case-insensitive.
  • names can include wild cards
  • details="show"||"hide" provides a clickable name for each group of messages with initial value of show or hide

config.php settings

You can change the following in config.php. For example

$MessagesReplacementDebug = true; # results may vary
default: false
$MessagesReplacementHeading = true; # shows heading level 3 for each group of messages
default: false
$MessagesReplacementDetails = "hide"; # rolls up each group of messages
default: empty (no details rollup available), values are 'hide' and 'show'

Change log / Release notes

2024-04-27 fix PHP 8 warnings, add details=show||hide parameter 2022-02-02 Separate groups of messages, enable heading 2022-01-22 Initial version

See also

  • DebugMessages   Capture recipe debug messages for display by the messages directive


Special thanks to Petko


See discussion at MessagesReplacement-Talk?

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