Highlight Text (HTML5 <mark> tag)

Summary: Use HTML5 <mark> tag to highlight text.
Version: 2016-09-01
Prerequisites: HTML5
Status: Beta
Maintainer: HaganFox
License: N/A
Categories: Markup, HTML5, PHP55, PHP72
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How can I use HTML5's <mark> tag to display highlighted text in my pages?


Use HTML5's <mark> tag to display highlighted text.

HTML5 introduced a new <mark> tag for "highlighting" text. From the W3C:

"The mark element represents a run of text in one document marked or highlighted for reference purposes, due to its relevance in another context."

This recipe allows you to highlight text using markup like this:

  ''''highlighted text''''


Add these lines in your config.php file:

## HTML5 <mark> tag (highlight text)
## ''''text'''' -> <mark>text</mark>


Configuration isn't necessary. Modern browsers will highlight with a yellow background.

You can style the appearance any way you wish. You can do it in config.php and/or in a CSS stylesheet.

Here's a config.php example that simply changes the background color to a lighter yellow:

## HTML5 <mark> tag (highlight text)
## ''''text'''' -> <mark>text</mark>
## Style for <mark> tag
$HTMLStylesFmt['mark'] = " mark { background-color: #fff9c6; } ";

Here's a stylesheet example that sets both the background color and the text color.

/* Highlighted text */
mark { background-color: #fff9c6; color: black; }
Note: Styles set by $HTMLStylesFmt in config.php will override styles in a stylesheet. (See PmWiki.WikiCascades.)


This shows ''''highlighted text'''' in a sentence.

displays as

This shows highlighted text in a sentence.


  • Should something like this be added to the core? (I think so.)
  • Could the <mark> tag be used to underline text rather than the (usually) semantically-incorrect <ins> tag?-}
  • I don't know what happens if the DOCTYPE isn't HTML5.
  • My browser(s) display black text on a yellow background by default. The brightness of the yellow color varies.
  • This should be cross-browser compatible. I'm not sure of that, however.
  • Please note: Markup with 4 apostrophes is incompatible with '''''very strong''''' (bold italics) in Wiki core.
    • I've updated the markup rule, please test and report. --Petko March 02, 2019, at 05:24 AM
    • Works fine now, thanks. -- Siegfried March 02, 2019.

Change log / Release notes

  • 2016-09-01 - Initial release

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See also


  • Hagan Fox - I discovered the <mark> tag while trying to figure out how to underline with using the <ins> tag, which is not the right way to "underline".


See discussion at HighlightText-Talk?

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