Summary: a simple rating system
Version: 2007-04-18
Prerequisites: pmwiki-2.2.0-44betas
Status: Stable
Maintainer: Pm
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For now, this is a test page for a simple rating system.


Comments and ratings

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  • Pm +5
    Note that it's relatively easy to leave comments along with the rating.
  • Alice -1
    What a terrible idea.
  • Bob +3 short comments can be inline
  • Carol +2
  • Dave +3
  • SteP +0 first rating
  • SteP -1 second rating
  • SteP +5 final rating
  • Kathryn Andersen +2
    It's okay, I suppose.
  • Sandy +3 useful for audience looking for recipes, familiar with pmwiki editing, less useful for writers.
  • PKHG +5 I like the idea that newbies can see, what is rated high (useful?! ;-))
  • +2 what happens if no name given?
  • -5 xxx
  • +10 yyy
  • -5 who
  • 0 not entirely clear on how this is supposed to work -- I'm just editing the page, not adding a comment or such.
  • +2 eeee
Answer: have a look at the "Rating" entry in the Cookbook description box.
  • ThomasP +4 interesting and indeed simple; and even better: can be used for surveys etc. as well
    (Will there be a designated environment in which the bullet boxes will be parsed?)

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