Summary: Export wikicalender entries as ical file
Version: 1.31
Prerequisites: pmwiki-2b54
Last-tested-with: 2beta and WikiCalendar
Status: stable
Categories: Calendar, PIM, PHP82, PHP83
Discussion: ICalExport-Talk


Export entries made in a WikiCalendar to the iCal format so you can subscribe to it online via Apple iCal or Mozilla Sunbird.


The script assume that you have the WikiCalendar cookbook installed that gives wiki sides with group and names like "Groupname/yyyymmdd" -> "Calendar/20050801".

# put Attach:icalexport.php into your cookbook folder
# include it into your config.php: "include_once("$FarmD/cookbook/icalexport.php");"
# set the following parameter in your config.php file:
## $ICalCalendarGroup - the name of your wikilog group - default:"Calendar"
## $ICalCalendarTitle - the title shown if the calendar is subscribed - default:"PmWiki Calendar"
## $ICalTimeZone - the time zone the events belong to - default:"Europe/Berlin" 
## $ICalFileName - the name of calendarfile - default: same as $ICalCalendarGroup

The link to the generated file is $UploadDir/$ICalCalendarGroup/$ICalFileName.ics so per default it is something like http://yourserver/uploads/Calendar/Calendar.ics

If you haven't uploaded anything in your calender group yet, don't forget to make a new folder with the appropriate rights or just upload something.

Language Adaption

The keywords "Begin", "End", "Location", and "Description" can be localized.


On a wiki side each calendar entry has do be seperated by a horizontal rule:

!!Title of the first Event
Begin: hh:mm \\
End: hh:mm \\
Location: \\

!!Title of the next Event


Release notes

  • 20231206 : Add $RecipeInfo, optimize ListPages() and ReadPage(), remove unneeded & deprecated utf8_decode(), create upload dir if needed, fix page URL. (by Petko)

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See discussion at ICalExport-Talk

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