Summary: Add browser website icon (favicon) from config.php
Version: 1.1
Prerequisites: none
Status: Working
Categories: Layout

Questions answered by this recipe

  • How can I set a favicon without changing my skin?
  • How can I put an icon into the browser?

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This makes is easy to set an icon in you config.php file. Just set the variable $FavIcon. This is handy in a farm environment. You can use the include just one in the farmconfig.php file and then in each wiki's local config.php just set the variable $FavIcon. If you set the variable $FavIcon in the farmconfig.php and not in the local wiki's config.php then the local wiki will have a default website icon.

$FavIcon = '';

On a farm you might put

SDV($FavIcon, '');


Copy WebsiteIcon.phpΔ to your cookbook directory

In your config.php enter:


or in your farmconfig.php enter:



Release Notes

  • Version: 1.1 Put the variable $FavIcon in single quotes so it is processed after config files
  • Version: 1.0 Initial Release


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