Summary: How To Link Another Page Using a Gui button
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How can I Link another Page using a Gui button?
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(:input submit button "Home" value="Pmwiki HomePage":)
(:zap if1="equal '{button}' 'Home' ? nextpage=Pmwiki/Pmwiki":)

The Code Above Will Link to Pmwiki's HomePage.

Other Applications

(:input submit button "Proyects" value="Proyects":)  \
(:input submit button "Products" value="Products":) \
(:input submit button "PO" value="PO":) \
(:zap if1="equal '{button}' 'Proyects' ? nextpage={$FullName}?action=proy":)
(:zap if2="equal '{button}' 'Products' ? nextpage={$FullName}?action=Prod":)
(:zap if3="equal '{button}' 'PO' ? nextpage={$FullName}?action=PO":)

The Above code displays 3 buttons that link to the same page but with different refence of action page. So for Proyect we will be Linking to the same page but with page Action = proy.

Then one can use, let's say in a groupfooter for this page or group, some code to take a decition based in the buton choice or page action selected like below:

(:if equal {$action} proy:)
This the Code for handling proyect Sections.

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