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Skins  Skins related information
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Accordion  lightweight Accordion javascript requiring no framework (stable)
AddFootnote  Insert markup to create a footnote (Beta)
AddToggle  Add a toggle link (Beta)
AllGroupHeader  How to create a page that appears as a header (or footer) for all pages in all groups (Stable)
AutomaticPageRefresh  How to create pages that refresh automatically. (stable)
AutoTOC  Unobtrusive Automatic Table of Contents links (stable)
Beautifier  Perform syntax highlighting for source code displayed on wiki pages
BibtexRef  Integrate bibtex bibliography into PmWiki site, display, manipulate and easily cite references
Carousel  simple Image Carousel, from one-line Markup: auto-populated from contents of a directory ( Active)
ChangeTimeFormat  Change the format or timezone of dates and times (Stable)
ChordPro  Display ChordPro-formatted song sheets in a wiki page (Stable)
ChordPro-Talk  Discussion of ChordPro (Stable)
ClassTags  Markup for Edit-Mode to give a block of content a named class, for use with CSS, JS, or to add content-folding, and lots more! (Stable)
CodeHighlight  Syntax highlighting for programming languages (Beta)
CodeMirror  An enhanced page editor for PmWiki (Stable)
Columns  Create columns out of lists without using table markup
ContentType  How to change PmWiki's default charset or Content-type
CSSInWikiPages  Apply CSS styles via wiki pages (Stable)
CSSPopups  How to make popups with CSS
CurrentVisitors  Display the number of current visitors
CustomAttrForm  How to customise the prompt on the attributes page (?action=attr)
CustomAuthForm  How to customise the authentication form (login form)
DarkColorScheme  How to use the core dark/night theme or add one to your skin (experimental)
DataSections  Create formated lists of PTVs stored between anchor blocks on another page. (alpha)
DeactivateParagraphTag  Prevent the automatic insertion of a <p> tag by the markup engine (Beta)
DiffDelay  In page histories, display vertical spacing proportional to the time between the edits. (Preview)
DivisionsExplained  Explanation of (:div:) and >>..<< markup for creating page sections (divisions) (Needs attention)
Dropcaps  Make the first letter of a text big.
EditFormSamples  Provide administrators and authors with examples and instructions for replacing or customizing their site's Site.EditForm.
EditToolbar  A shiny new set of icons, replacing and extending those on the standard edit toolbar. (Active)
ExpandingMenu  A sidebar menu that supports nested lists where the nested items are displayed only if the user is in that group
ExpandingMenu2  Provides markup to create an (automatically) expanding menu
ExpandingMenus  How to create a sidebar menu which expands to show sublevel (group) items using conditional markup only (Stable)
FAQToggleList  Adding toggle buttons to a definition list (stable)
Favicon  Add a Favicon to your website (Mature)
FillTemplate  Combines a template page with a data page to present PmWiki content (RC)
FindInPage  Instant search in the current page, with highlighting. (Experimental)
FontSizer  Add buttons for instant font (text) resizing, preferrences are stored (stable)
FormattingTables  Formatting and styling for tables
Gists  Markup to allow easy embedding of syntax-highlighted github gists (active)
GridWorks  GridWorks - general utility css grid markup for wiki pages (Active/Stable)
GuiButtons  add guibuttons to any textarea edit box (stable)
GuiEdit  Add graphical editing buttons, as in's site (Stable)
GuiEditDateButton  javascript calendar to insert a date (Stable)
GuiEditResize  Allows resizing of the Edit text box, for convenience. (Initial release.)
HandleSourceInSkin  Redirect action=source to display the unformatted markup within your skin (stable)
HeadlineImage  Display the title attribute of an image directly on the image without editing the image.
HowToMakeATabbedSkin  How to make a tabbed skin
Hyphenopoly  Use the excellent Hyphenopoly package to hyphenate text on a wiki. (Maintained)
IFrameLogin  Demo kit for passing messages between pmwiki and an embedded iframe (see includeSite), with a simple working login demonstration. (Beta, Active)
InfoBox  How to create Bubblehelp infoboxes, as seen in (Stable, Active)
JavaScriptHelpers  Collection of simple JavaScript tools for wikis (Planning)
JustHyp  Client-side multilingual text hyphenation and margin filling (full justify). (Active, alpha)
Layout  Layout enhancements
LinkIcons  Add icons to your links according to their extensions.
LinksTreeMenu  A Simple Dynamic Hierarchical Tree Menu for PmWiki Groups and Pages (Stable)
ListResume  Resume numbered lists interrupted by other markup (Experimental)
LiveEdit  Edit blocks of wiki-text in pop-up windows right from the wiki page. Editable blocks can be automatically detected/created on existing wiki pages using a Javascript-based GUI-like tool. An authenticated user with edit permission can edit the contents inside the blocks right from the page's view in a 'pop-up' editing environment. One can now choose from different themes/skins for the LiveEdit environment, as well as create custom themes/skins. Very useful for better organizing and maintaining contents of a wiki page, especially if the page is large. (Working great! Latest improvements in auto-detect tool are in beta test.)
LocalCSS  Flexible CSS compilation from a wiki page (beta)
LocalTimes  Display RecentChanges and History timestamps in the local timezone of each visitor. (Beta)
MagicMenus  Use Wiki-pages for navigation, auto-create Menus from those pages ignoring decoration. RESPONSIVE DESIGN! (Active)
MakeColumns  Create columns on a page without using tables.
MakeManyColumns  How to make columns on a page using CSS
MakingPasswordRequestsExplicit  How can we tell which password is requested?
MarkdownOutput  Presents a wiki page in Markdown format instead of HTML (beta)
MessageAfterPosting  Provide a message to users after posting and /or prompt them to notify relevant people
ModesConcept  A place to remember thoughts/ideas related to using different modes
MultiLanguage  Display content in different languages on a page by user's choice
MultiLanguagePages  Show language specific pages according to user choice (new)
MultiLanguageViews  show language specific content and titles according to user choice (stable)
NoPreformattedText  Removes the default preformatted text rules
OverrideCSS  How to override previously defined styles without modifying the skin
PageAction-IconPack  Using SVG icons to replace text links in the Page Action menu (1.0)
PageListTemplates  Recipe deprecated, see PmWiki.PageLists
PagePmSyntax  Highlight a full PmWiki source page (Experimental)
PayPalButtons  Creating neat markup for otherwise sloppy PayPal button forms (stable)
PmPygment  Display code highlighting using Python pygment (Stable)
PmSyntax  Syntax highlighting for the PmWiki documentation and edit form (Experimental)
Precode  General utility block markup for displaying codes with syntax highlighting (Active/Stable)
PreviewChanges  Preview highlighted changes of the wiki markup (Stable, added to core)
PreviewFirst  How to get the page preview to appear before the edit box
PreviewTop  How to place the page preview above the edit box
PublishFAQ  Supplied with a raw list of Qs and As, it outputs a formatted FAQ complete with TOC (RC)
QuickPageTableOfContents  Adds a dropdown clickable table of contents to a page - client side processing (Stable)
QuoteBlock  Allow a small measure of nested 'wikistyles'. (Working (=)
RebuildRC  Rebuild (All)RecentChanges pages either after a format change, an import or to remove spam. (Experimental)
RecentChangesExcerpt  How to display a list of last n RecentChanges
RowspanInSimpleTables  Markup to add a rowspan attribute on a simple table cell (Stable)
SEO  A set of best practices to Search Engine Optimization
ShowHide  Adds toggle buttons and links to show/hide sections and objects. Superseded by Toggle. (deprecated)
SideBarNameChange  How to change the name of the SideBar
SideBarSpecial  Customize SideBar(s) per Group or per Page, and/or auto append special SideBar ex.(Site.SideBarAdmin) (stable)
SourceBlock  Source code syntax highlighter for PmWiki 2.x using GeSHi (Stable)
Styles  Practical examples of CSS Style use (with some explanation) (currently just a placeholder...)
SuperscriptLineSpacing  How to fix line spacing of superscripts and subscripts
Syntaxlove  Syntax highlighting with good look and cool JavaScript-effects
TalkPages  Talk pages, as enabled on (Stable)
Templates  Extend the (:include:) markup to allow passing parameters to included pages. (beta)
Toggle  Adds links or buttons for toggling (hiding/showing) elements on a page (stable)

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