Summary: Include Maps as html or Java pages into PmWiki 2.x Pages
Version: 2010_07_13
Prerequisites: Pmwiki 2.0
Status: Stable
Maintainer: Slyle
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How do I add pages open source maps from java scripts or html?


First, be sure you're aware of the security and possible copyright risks of letting the content of other (arbitrary!) URLs appear in your pages.

Once you've gotten past that hurdle, download includeMapAdap.phpΔ and put it into cookbook/includeMapAdap.php






To use includeMapAdapat you will need to place this code in your PmWiki website (:includeMapAdapt http://...:) markup that lets you embed the contents of other pages into a wiki page.

You can set the size and alignment of the map on the page

Supported (optional) fields are:

  • height = default/pixels/%
  • width = default/pixels/%
  • border = default/pixels
  • scroll = default/yes/no
  • align = default/left/right/center

(:includeMapAdapt width=800 height=680 border=1 scroll=yes align=left:)

(:includeMapAdapt [(approve links) edit diff] width=420 height=300 border=1 scroll=no align=right:)


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  • This is an edited version of includeSite. It has been modified to include support for MapAdapt and Openlayers maps.
  • To use this module, simply place this file in the cookbook/ directory and add the following line into config.php:

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See discussion at MapAdapt-Talk?

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