Summary: Markup - Display $_SERVER Super-Global results from current Server
Version: 2022-06-10
Prerequisites: None
Status: Stable
Maintainer: Kirk Siqveland
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Questions answered by this recipe

  • Can I get information about the Server running my PmWiki installation?
  • How can I use the $_SERVER Super Global?
  • Can I find the Path of pmwiki.php or my Script programmatically?
  • What information is available to me about the Server?
  • Can I get information about the Browser Viewing my Wiki?
  • Can I get both the current URL and The current Server Path?

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Markup to Display Results from $_SERVER Super-Global

The $_SERVER Super-Global can reveal a lot of information, but often with subtle differences.
I got tired of trial and error, so I made an easy way to see what each variation gives as a result on the current server.
Simply install the recipe,
then make a page -- say /Site/ServerInfo, and
add the Markup to display a table with a host of information including the results you will get from Markup when querying the $_SERVER Super-Global.


Download the ServerInfo.phpΔ file, copy it to your pmwiki /cookbook directory.
-->Usually something like

Add the include line to your /local/config.php file:

include_once( "$FarmD/cookbook/ServerInfo.php" ) ;

Create a new page, say /Site/ServerInfo and add the Markup:


That's it!


None needed.

But, for decoration I like to have the alternating colors in my tables so I use something like this:
	tr:nth-child(even) {
	    background-color: rgb( 36, 42, 47);

In my CSS to decorate the Table Rows (tr)


Once you have installed it, and added the markup to a page, you just go to that page and read carefully.


Cookbook:SimpleRecipeTemplate also provides a display of $_SERVER

To do / some day / maybe

If you have future plans or wishes for this recipe. I expect I will be adding other queries and variables to this table as time goes on...

Change log / Release notes

2022-06-10 - Security feature: hides actual server-username, but allows display by commenting one line.

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Kirk Siqveland


See discussion at ServerInfo-Talk?

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