Summary:Enable page listings to have a "trail-like" format via fmt=fauxtrail
Prerequisites:PmWiki 2.2beta56, may work with earlier versions, but not tested
Maintainer:Kathryn Andersen
Discussion: FauxTrail-Talk

Questions answered by this recipe

How can I get page listings to behave like a trail?


Enable page listings to have a "trail-like" format via fmt=fauxtrail

This recipe creates a few different trail-like pagelist formats.

They all basically look like this:

<< [[PrevPage|{PrevPage$Title}]] | [[Index Page]] | [[NextPage|{NextPage$Title}]] >>

The main difference in the different formats is what page is used as the "index" page of the faux-trail.

Because these are PHP-function formats rather than pagelist templates means that they are more efficient, and thus faster.


To activate this recipe, download fauxtrail.phpΔ and put it into your cookbook directory. Add the following line to your local/config.php:



The grouptrail format makes a "trail" of pages in a group. The "index" page for this faux-trail is the home-page of the current group. This uses the special search-pattern "content" because the "normal" search-pattern excludes the current page, and these trail formats won't work if the current page is excluded.

(:pagelist group={$Group} name=-{$Group} list=content order=name fmt=grouptrail:)


The fauxtrail format is the general form of the format. This takes extra options, so that you can customize it to your preference.

the page to use as the "index" page for the faux-trail
the label to give the "index" page

The following gives the same results as grouptrail:

(:pagelist group={$Group} name=-{$Group} list=content order=name fmt=fauxtrail trailpage={$Group} label={$Group}:)

Note that if the current page isn't part of the faux-trail, then the pagelist will give no results. (This is a feature, not a bug).

(:pagelist group=Main list=content order=name fmt=fauxtrail trailpage=Main label=Home:)

The fauxtrail markup is useful for more specialized trails; for example, a trail of everything in the same category.

(:pagelist group={$Group} link=Category.FPL list=content order=name fmt=fauxtrail trailpage=Category.FPL label="Pagelist Formats":)


The trailtrail format is slightly different. This looks for all the normal trails that the current page is part of, and displays the trails (as fauxtrail markup). If the current page isn't part of any trail, then nothing will be displayed.

(:pagelist list=content fmt=trailtrail:)


Release Notes

  • 0.01 (2007-06-17) Initial release.

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See discussion at FauxTrail-Talk

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