Summary: Provide a skin with a "discussion" tab and "article" tab, etc.
Prerequisites: Last tested on PmWiki version: pmwiki-2.0.11
Maintainer: NeilHerber, MarcSeibert
Discussion: DiscussionTab-Talk


This one works for me but it's not well coded I think. I am not a programmer and I haven't the time to improve my small php knowledge to get it work better. Maybe someone find it useful. If there is some help to improve this publish it or send me an email. MarcSeibert


Provide a tabbed skin with the possibility to have an "discussion"-tab and an "article"-tab as a kind of backlink to the Main Article. (It's similar to the tabs in MediaWiki but there are a few other possibilities to use this:

  • a Translation-Tab ( Cookbook/MultiLanguage works nice but for some projects its to complicated for the users)
  • a sub-page for attachments
  • a sub-page as gallery

and maybe some more ...


I modified Cookbook/CommentPageLink to work in a skin.tmpl . The original script only works as markup - but some skins would need an action . Also I changed the separator for the creation of the new discussionpage from "-" to the string "-Discuss-".

Include disctab.phpΔ to your local config.php Then edit the skin.tmpl to get some tabs. In monobook.tmpl you have to paste something like this:

  <!--function:DefineAction browse  Artikel | $ScriptUrl/$BaseName-->
 <!--function:DefineAction discuss $[Diskussion]-->  
  • Does this work for another skin? e.g. I use the Triad skin. --Guest


  • ...Problem with highlighting of the tabs ... What about a 'talk' action for the discussion tab, thus ending the double browse?PB(26Jul05)

action=discuss is implemented now - but the recipe cant highlight the discussiontab yet - didn't find the fault. Can someone help ??

  • Maybe it is possible to highlight the Tab only if there is an active discussion for the page ??
  • Two observations after using the recipe:-
    • I may be missing something obvious, but it would be handy to have the Back Link referred to in the opening text above, as the only way to get back to page being discussed is to manually type its name or url.
    • Colour coding the Discussion Tab text would be a simple way to show the existence of an actual discussion for the original page. The Discussion Tab text could be Red when there is no existing Discussion page, and Blue when there is an existing Discussion Des January 20, 2007, at 07:14 AM

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