Summary: Syntax highlighting with good look and cool JavaScript-effects
Version: 20170226 (0.3.1)
Maintainer: MatthiasGünther
Categories: Layout, PHP72
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Questions answered by this recipe

How can I display highlighted code of several languages on my Wiki?


This recipe gives you the markup for embedding source code in your Wiki with syntax highlighting. Just follow the instruction of the installation and be happy :).


    $Array_Syntaxlove =
           array("Bash"   => "0", "CSharp" => "0", "Css"     => "0", "Delphi" => "0",
                 "Groovy" => "0", "Java"   => "1", "JScript" => "0", "Perl"   => "1",
                 "Php"    => "1", "Plain"  => "0", "Python" => "1",  "Ruby"   => "1",
                 "Scala"  => "0", "Sql"    => "0", "Vb"     => "0",  "Xml"    => "0");


Can be found under README.

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See Syntaxlove-Talk - your comments are welcome there!

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