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Summary: Clone of the Vector skin for MediaWiki (used on Wikipedia since 2010)
Version: 0.9.3 (2017-08-27)
Prerequisites: Post-2009, CSS3 compliant browser
Status: maintained
Maintainer: Said Achmiz
License: GPL
Categories: Skins, WikipediaSuite, HTML5, Mobile, RWD, PHP72
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Discussion: Vector-Talk


Clone of the Vector skin for MediaWiki (used on Wikipedia since 2010). Mobile-friendly.

Based partly on the Monobook skin.

Git repository for this skin:



For a more complete MediaWiki experience, download the following recipes (Vector has been designed with these in mind, and will style their elements appropriately):

The following recipe is also highly recommended:


  1. Unzip into your pub/skins/ folder.
  2. Place Site.EditForm, Site.Search, Site.PageNotFound, Site.TalkTemplate, Site.TalkPageHeader, and Site.PageActions into your wiki/wiki.d folder.
  3. If you're using MediaCategories and DictIndex, place Category.Category into your wiki/wiki.d folder as well.
  4. Note: Do not create these files yourself, just copy them from the skin folder.


Set $Skin = 'vector' in config.php.

Custom GUI edit buttons

If you have GUI edit buttons enabled ($EnableGUIButtons = 1), add the following line to config.php to use Vector's custom GUI edit buttons:

 $GUIButtonDirUrlFmt = '$FarmPubDirUrl/skins/vector/guiedit';

Page logo for mobile view

The mobile view of Vector does not use the standard page logo (as its size and aspect ratio is likely not to be appropriate for the mobile layout). Instead, a new variable, $PageLogoAltUrl, can be used (in config.php) to set the URL of the logo to be used in the mobile view. (By default, the value of $PageLogoAltUrl is the same as of $PageLogoUrl.)


If you're using SectionEdit, add the following to config.php:

 $SectionEditHeaderLinkSpan = 1;
 $SectionEditLinkText = "";


If you're using HandyTableOfContents, add the following to config.php:

 $HandyTocAnchorAfterElement = false;
 $HandyTocDefaultTitle = "Contents";

MediaCategories & DictIndex

If you're using MediaCategories and DictIndex, add the following to config.php:

 $AutoCreate['/^Category\./'] = array('ctime' => $Now, 'text' => $page['text']);


Automatic change summaries are enabled by default (they're created if an editor leaves the Summary field blank, or if the Summary field is disabled).

To disable automatic change summaries, add the following to config.php:

 $AutomaticChangeSummaries = 0;

Talk pages

Important: For Talk pages to work, you must have $EnablePathInfo = 1; (in config.php). (This limitation may be removed in a future update.)

By default, Talk pages will be created (if need be) automatically, whenever any page is created or edited.

To disable this behavior (i.e. to create Talk pages only manually), add the following to config.php:

 $AutoCreateTalkPages = false;

When a Talk page is created, it uses a template, specified by $TalkPageTemplate (which defaults to '$SiteGroup.TalkTemplate'). To change this, add a line such as this to config.php:

 $TalkPageTemplate = '$Group.TalkTemplate';
(To have a separate talk page template for each group)
 $TalkPageTemplate = 'MyGroup.MyCoolPageTemplate';
(To set an arbitrary page as the talk page template)
 $TalkPageTemplate = '';
(To set a blank page template, i.e. don't use any template, just start each talk page as a normal blank page)


If you're using HttpVariables, add the following to config.php:

 $FmtPV['$HTTPVariablesAvailable'] = true;


Vector supports the following directives: (:notitle:), (:noheader:), (:nofooter:), (:noleft:).

Jump-box feature

The top search form (at the top right of the page) acts as a "jump box". If you enter an exact page name (either Group.PageName, or just PageName; in the latter case the script will look in your $DefaultGroup for a page by that name), and that page exists, you will be redirected to that page, instead of going to the search results page.

Note: Capitalization matters! The exact name is matched. (This also means that if you want to do a normal search for text which also happens to match the name of a page, simply enter your search query in lowercase or otherwise use different capitalization. This will avoid triggering the "jump box" behavior.)

You can disable the jump-box feature by adding the following line to config.php:

 $VectorJumpBoxEnabled = false;

Talk pages

Vector's "Talk page" feature works much the way it does on e.g. Wikipedia. Any page can have a "Talk page", which has the name of the "article" (i.e. main) page, suffixed with "-Talk". (For example, a page called Flowers.FlowersByBob would have a talk page called Flowers.FlowersByBob-Talk.) (Talk pages do not themselves have talk pages, of course.)

{$BaseName} of talk pages

Note that the {$BaseName} page text variable is defined, on Talk pages, as the "main" page, i.e. the {$BaseName} of a page called Flowers.FlowersByBob-Talk would be Flowers.FlowersByBob.

Talk pages and pagelists

Page lists, either by default (no list= parameter) or with list=normal, omit talk pages. Use list=all to include talk pages in a page list.

To do

Change log / Release notes

See also

See also Monobook (based on an older MediaWiki default skin). Vector shares several of Monobook’s features.


Said Achmiz


See discussion at Vector-Talk

User notes : If you use, used or reviewed "Vector", you can add your name. These statistics appear in the Skins listings and will help newcomers browsing through the wiki.