Summary: How to integrate Flickr into a PmWiki page
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What are all the ways that one can integrate Flickr into a PmWiki page? For the unfamiliar, Flickr is an image hosting service which has some excellent capabilities and is blazing fast.


One way might be to integrate Flickr with Flapi, which is a customizeable flash file that will display one's flickr galleries. The hurdle, though a small one is to set up the proper parameters with Flapi.

Another way would be to integrate the already robust tools of flickr so that one could publish their pictures in PmWiki based on a tag. For example: Say on Flickr, you had a bunch of pictures tagged under the name "2005Carnival". It would be pretty cool to type in PmWiki code of (:flickr | 2005 Carnival:) and then PmWiki would display thumbnails or 250 x 200 pics from that tag.

The way this coudl work would be a Cookbook script that aligned itself with flickr, and in your config.php file you would add a line that included that script along with parameters like your username and default size.

Flickr let's you do so many things to your images and will even give you a flash slideshow. Can the slideshow be incorporated into your page somehow? Well it could with Flapi listed above.

Flickr has it's own flash and image gallery that can be added to another website. This is called a flickrbadge. There is code associated with a flickrbadge that sets parameters for viewing your pictures through your website. If this code could be turned into a wiki command script such as (:flickrbadge | parameter tag:) then one could really use flickr well inside a wiki.

This was found to be done at Soxiam's website. He used the following custom code in config.php

# Enables custom markup for displaying flickr badge Markup('flickrbadge', 'directives', '/\\(:flickrbadge:\\)/e',"Keep(\" <script type='text/javascript' src=''> </script> \')');


I'm requesting help / input on this as I haven't totally wrapped my mind around how it would work. Also I don't know php very well.



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