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AdvancedTableDirectives  Add Table capabilities - nested tables, zebra tables, new directives. (Working)
ConvertTABLE  How to convert HTML pages with tables full of data into advanced tables
ConvertTable  Convert table action (Working)
CreateColumns  quickly divides up a list of items into separate columns within a table
CSVAction  Adds a ?action=csv capability to pmwiki to output tables as a CSV (stable)
CSVInclude  Include a CSV file as a table in your wiki page
CSVTemplate  Allow representing the same CSV data in different locations using templates. (stable)
ExcelPaste  Copy and paste spreadsheet tables (e.g., from Excel) into pages (Stable)
FormattingTables  Formatting and styling for tables
FoxCSV  Display csv tables automatically or via templates; filtering, sorting, editing csv data. (beta)
ImportTabTable  import and convert tab table to simple table markup quickly. (stable)
RowspanInSimpleTables  Markup to add a rowspan attribute on a simple table cell (Stable)
SimplifiedAdvancedTableDirectives  Simplify Advanced Directive Syntax (working but still testing)
SortableTables  Create tables which can be sorted instantly by javascript (stable)
SourceCodeHorizontalLines  Allow horizontal lines made of dashes ("-------") in PMWiki page source code (Working)
TableEdit  Interactive table editor (first version)
Tables  List of recipes in Tables category
TablesPlus  A simpler yet more flexible markup for tables. (First & only release April, 2007)
Tabtable-jt  Support embedded line feeds, trim spaces and add prior patch (make first row a header) (tested 2007/08/15)
Tabtable-raf  tabtable with RAF patch of 2007/01/23 applied (tested)
Tabulate  Handles tab-delimited tables so you can cut and paste to and from spreadsheet applications (beta)
Text2Tbl  Provide a way to convert arbitrarily structured text to table markup and provide conversion of simple tables to advanced. (alpha)