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ABCHoverIndex  displays a pagelist as an alphabetic hover menu, sorted by title (stable)
ActionMenu  Drop-down menu to page actions (Edit, History, Attach...) instead of links. (Beta)
AutoTOC  Unobtrusive Automatic Table of Contents links (stable)
DynTrailMenu  Create a dynamic (expanding) menu based on a trail page (stable)
EditTemplatesMenu  Allow authors a choice among several pre-filled templates for new pages (Stable)
ExpandingMenu  A sidebar menu that supports nested lists where the nested items are displayed only if the user is in that group
ExpandingMenu2  Provides markup to create an (automatically) expanding menu
ExpandingMenus  How to create a sidebar menu which expands to show sublevel (group) items using conditional markup only (Stable)
GooglePlusOne  A recipe to enable the use of Google Plus One widgets in your PmWiki pages (RC)
GraphVizSitemap  Provide a GraphViz format for sitemap (alpha)
HorizontalMenu  Horizontal drop-down style menus (Somewhat outdated)
HorizontalVerticalMenu  Generate multilevel horizontal and vertical menus (Stable)
Jscm  Jscm (JsCookMenu based dropdown menu) (Active/Stable)
JumpBox  A pull down menu that can be used for navigation
LinkCSSToolTip  link markup with css popup tooltip text including styling, variables, includes, menus (stable)
LinksTreeMenu  A Simple Dynamic Hierarchical Tree Menu for PmWiki Groups and Pages (Stable)
MagicMenus  Use Wiki-pages for navigation, auto-create Menus from those pages ignoring decoration. RESPONSIVE DESIGN! (Active)
OptionMenu  Get page listings as an option menu selector (Stable)
PagelistSiteMap  Create a sitemap using the page list directive (Production)
Parmset  Provide access to the current requests in the URL as a page variable (Beta)
Phplm  Phplm (Phplayersmenu based dropdown/tree menu) (Active, Stable)
PowerTools  markup expressions for multi page processing incl. plist, pagelist, rename, pagecount, wordcount, trail, serialname, serial, newticket, sumdata, allptvs, random (stable)
SideBarNameChange  How to change the name of the SideBar
SideBarSpecial  Customize SideBar(s) per Group or per Page, and/or auto append special SideBar ex.(Site.SideBarAdmin) (stable)
SimpleSiteMap  Easy site map using only core PmWiki features (Stable)
Sitemapper  Adds a dynamically generated sitemap to PmWiki. (beta)
SiteMapsWithOptions  Standard Site Map for websites (Stable)
TableOfContentsPortion  Inserts a portion of external table of contents into the page (Alpha)
TalkPages  Talk pages, as enabled on (Stable)
TrailMenu  Build an expanding menu from a trail (Stable)
WatchLists  Track the most recent changes to a list of pages (Stable)
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Links-Talk  Discussion of Links