Summary:Java based drawing tool to replace PmWikiDraw eventually
Version: 0.15
Prerequisites: Java 6 Applet support (clientside)
Status:In development
Maintainer: Ciaran Jessup
Discussion: AnyWikiDraw-Talk
Categories: Editing, Images

Questions answered by this recipe

Why isn't PmWikiDraw the greatest plugin in the world?


PmWikiDraw has been in need of some tender loving care for a considerable amount of time. It has long been the intention to replace the existing PmWikiDraw plugins with a more modern (JHotdraw 7) based approach to editing, allowing the file format to be SVG or XML or some other file format rather than the previous non-standard file-format. AnyWikiDraw is an attempt to bring a uniform approach to drawing across all wikis, AnyWikiDraw currently supports TWiki, PmWiki and MediaWiki.

The intention of AnyWikiDraw is to encourage collaboration between team members when drawing in the same way the wiki encourages collaboration when writing. In the long term AnyWikiDraw will support visual merges, and visual change histories.


Please note this plugin is still in development and may not work as intended, the file format may change in the future and we cannot guarantee backward compatibility just yet. We will be providing a migration path from existing PmWikiDraw drawings, but that is currently not implemented.

Also the zip file at the current download doesn't yet contain a proper 'recipe', you may have to be experimental, I will make sure there is a proper recipe at the next release.

Release Notes

How to get it, Download Link

How to test it, Examples

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Developer, all round Hero - Werner Randelshofer
Maintenance monkey - Ciaran Jessup


See discussion at AnyWikiDraw-Talk

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