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Summary: Highly configurable skin with 3-column layout (optional css hiding of any column) based on YAML framework
Version: 2009-05-17
Status: Stable
Prerequisites: pmwiki-2.2 (untested on earlier, probably fine)
Maintainer: Ed Wildgoose?
Categories: Skins
Discussion: Yaml132-Talk


  • Based on the YAML css framework -
  • No tables, pure CSS layout
  • 3 column layout, column order 132 (not ideal for SEO, but stable CSS). Easily modified to use some other ordering
  • Customisable page sections through wiki pages: header, titlebar, footer, left sidebar, rightbar, topmenu, contentfooter.
  • Page sections can be turned on and off with markup.
  • Integrated direct printing.
  • Owes some inspiration to Triad Skin (thanks)
  • Yaml CSS templates have been merged into "slim_layout.css". Grab download of yaml into yaml subdir and use "layout.css" for development (probably I got out of sync so treat the slim_layout as primary)


The basic layout consists of a header and footer (easily modified to be full width), with the main center section in-between, flanked on either side by a fixed-width (or variable width) side column. The page is structured into the following sections. Each section can be configured from an associated wiki page and also made to "disappear" with special markup. Custom markup (:fullpage:) will show the page content plus title bar but nothing else.

Header (Site|Group).PageHeader

Top Menu Bar (Site|Group).NavBar

Side Bar

Title Bar (Site|Group).TitleBar

Right Bar

Page Content

Content Footer (Site|Group).ContentFooter

Footer (Site|Group).PageFooter


The pagewide header contains the site logo. Modify to add anything else you need

  • Configuration on Site.PageHeader or any Group.PageHeader page.
  • Turn off on a page with markup (:noheader:).
Top Menu Bar

The top menu bar underneath the header can be used for action links and other links.

  • Configuration on Site.NavBar? or any Group.NavBar page.
  • Turn off on a page with markup (:notopmenu:).
Side Bar

The left hand column of fixed width holds the side bar for the main site navigation links. The SideBar supports the use of H1 elements for heading elements and up to 4 levels of nested list elements

  • Configuration on Site.SideBar or any Group.SideBar page.
  • Turn off on a page with markup (:noleft:).
Right Bar

The right hand column is of fixed width.

  • Configuration on Site.RightBar or any Group.RightBar page.
  • A RightBar for a page can be created with PageName-RightBar.
  • Turn off the right bar for the whole site in yaml132.php.
  • Turn off on a page with markup (:noright:).
Title Bar

The title bar consists of a link to the current group and the page title.

  • New: Configuration on Site.TitleBar or any Group.TitleBar page.
Page Content

Full range of headings.

Content Footer

Footer at the bottom of all content

  • Configuration on Site.ContentFooter? or any Group.ContentFooter page.
  • Turn off on a page with markup (:nocontentfooter:).

A page wide footer at the bottom for copyright or other sitewide info.

  • Configuration on Site.PageFooter? or any Group.PageFooter page.
  • Turn off on a page with markup (:nofooter:).

Browser Compatibility

Should work on anything that works with YAML (IE5.5 and newer roughly) I haven't tested it on anything other than FF and doubtlessly have introduced some small gremlins on IE (fixable)


Update History

  • 2009-05-17: Initial release



User notes? : If you use, used or reviewed "Yaml132", you can add your name. These statistics appear in the Skins listings and will help newcomers browsing through the wiki.