Summary: Call OpenCalais API with the content of the current page
Version: 0.1
Status: non-functionnal
Maintainer: Utopiah
Categories: Uncategorized
Discussion: OpenCalais-Talk

How can I integrate OpenCalais "semantic web" suggestion with my running pmWiki instance?

  1. Download opencalais.phpΔ
  2. Move it to cookbook/opencalais.php
  3. Correct it (as status said, non functionnal as of mid-July 2009)
  4. include include_once("$FarmD/cookbook/opencalais.php"); in your local/config.php file
  5. add the custom markup (:opencalais:) to any page you would like to see parsed


Embed OpenCalais results in pmWiki.

This is NOT an official OpenCalais plugin by Thomson Reuters.

The principle will probably be "if no input process and return the whole page, if input (:opencalais my-input:) process only the argument". The risk is to present the result correctly.


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See discussion at OpenCalais-Talk

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