Summary: Copy and paste spreadsheet tables (e.g., from Excel) into pages
Prerequisites: pmwiki-2.0.0
Status: Stable
Maintainer: Pm
Discussion: ExcelPaste-Talk
Categories: Editing, Tables

Questions answered by this recipe

  • Is it possible to paste spreadsheet (Excel) or table (Word) data into a page?


The tabtable.zipΔ (or patched tabtable-2007-08-15.zipΔ) script converts spreadsheet data into simple PmWiki tables. (This script requires PmWiki 2.0.beta22 or later.) With this recipe installed, an author can simply

  1. open a spreadsheet application
  2. select the cells to be pasted and copy them to the clipboard
  3. edit a PmWiki page
  4. paste the clipboard contents into the page's text area
  5. press the "Excel" button Excel button that appears in the button bar at the top of the editing area

PmWiki will then convert the pasted data into a simple PmWiki table, ready for editing. Numeric cells are automatically right aligned, while other cells are left aligned.


To install this script, download and unpack the tabtable.zipΔ (or patched tabtable-2007-08-15.zipΔ) . The tabtable.php script should go in the cookbook/ directory, and the excel.gif file should go in pub/guiedit/. Then add the following line to a local configuration file (e.g., local/config.php) before the final "?>" tag:


See Also

  • ImportTabTable import and convert tab table to simple table markup quickly.
  • Text2Tbl Provide a way to convert arbitrarily structured text to table markup and provide conversion of simple tables to advanced.
  • Tabulate Handles tab-delimited tables so you can cut and paste to and from spreadsheet applications


  • Pm Original script
  • RussFink Patch to make first row a header
  • jtankers Patch for special characters, concise code and detect header row


See discussion at ExcelPaste-Talk