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This skin for PmWiki 2.1 is designed to emphasize a site's content with a big easy-to-read default font size, no graphical frills, and other similar features. The skin has been carefully tested for compatibility with a wide variety of browsers.


gzipped tarball: PlainSkinForPmWiki-0.05.0.tar.gz (13K)
zip archive: (17K)

(The version installed on this page is )


Place the plain/ directory in your skins directory (pub/skins/) and add the following to your local configuration file:

## Use the CIS-Dept. Plain Skin and its printable-view skin.
$Skin = 'plain';


Ver. 0.01.0

  • Initial release

Ver. 0.02.0

  • Widened overall table from 740px to 770px.
  • Improved the edit form, including fixing a button bug reported by Pico.

Ver. 0.03.0

  • Improved the edit form some more for better browser compatibility.

Ver. 0.04.0

  • Removed RSS / Atom feed code. (Should be a recipe, not part of the skin.)
  • Removed Logout action. (Should be a recipe, not part of the skin.)
  • Changed $Action to $ActionTitle in the template
  • Adapted to "relative page variable" changes in PmWiki.

Ver. 0.05.0

  • Changed default layout to 770px wide and centered. (The old layout can be achieved using a local customization.)

Local Customizations

This can be used to make the current version look like previous versions:

## Adjust layout of the Plain skin.
if ($Skin == 'plain') {
  $PlainMidAlign = 'left';
  $HTMLStylesFmt['plainskin'] = "
  #wikihead, #wikifoot { width:100% } ";

This can be used to widen everything to 100% of the viewport:

## Adjust layout of the Plain skin (wide layout).
if ($Skin == 'plain') {
  $HTMLStylesFmt['plainskin'] = "
  #wikihead, #wikimid, #wikitext, #wikifoot { width:100% } ";

This can be used to widen the layout when editing (for a bigger text area):

## Adjust layout of the Plain skin (wide when editing).
if ($Skin == 'plain' && $action == 'edit') {
  $HTMLStylesFmt['plainskin'] = "
  #wikihead, #wikimid, #wikitext, #wikifoot { width:98% } ";


The skin is designed for PmWiki v2.1.27 or newer.

This skin uses tables for layout because doing so causes the pages render as consistently as possible in a wide variety of browsers. No transition to a CSS-only layout is planned.

Comments / Feedback

See also: Plain-OldComments? for comments about previous releases.


Category: Skins, PHP72


See also the test page.

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Large monospaced. Normal monospaced. Small monospaced.
Strong text. Emphasized text. Superscript and Subscript.





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