Summary: adds page creator (original author) to be stored as a page attribute
Version: 2008-02-24
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How can I set and safely store the name of the original page author or page creator?


Adding the code below will give you:

  • an extra page attribute cauthor, which is set automatically or with ?action=attr.
  • a field in the page attributes edit form, in which Page created by can be set.
  • a page variable {$CreatedBy} which can be used in wiki pages.
  • an extra edit function, which sets cauthor with the author name (if present) when a new page is saved .

Add the following to config.php, or include within an add-on php script:

# add cauthor to page attributes as extra field for ?action=attr
$PageAttributes['cauthor'] = '$[Page created by:]';

# add page variable {$CreatedBy} 
$FmtPV['$CreatedBy'] = '@$page["cauthor"]';

# automatically set page creator to $Author for every new page
function SetPageCreator($pagename, &$page, &$new) {
	global $EnablePost, $Author, $PageCreator, $Now;
	SDV($PageCreator, $Author);
	if ($EnablePost && !$new["author"])
		$new["cauthor"] = $PageCreator; 
array_unshift($EditFunctions, 'SetPageCreator');


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