Summary: Insert rotating images or markup
Version: obsolete
Status: Obsolete -- use Cookbook.RandomQuote
Maintainer: Pm
Prerequisites: pmwiki-2.0.0
This recipe is obsolete -- see Cookbook.RandomQuote for an improved recipe.


To use this script, the administrator defines $RotateMarkup['default'] as an array of markups to be substituted for the (:rotate:) directive when it is encountered. For example, this page is configured with:

    $RotateMarkup['default'] = array(
      '[[PITS.PITS | PITS Home Page]]',
      '[[Cookbook:WikiSmileys |]]',
      '%red% The PmWikiPhilosophy is excellent! %%'
    $RotateMarkupFreq = 5;

    $EnableIMSCaching = 0;

When the (:rotate:) directive is encountered, rotatemarkup.phpΔ replaces it with one of the markups defined in the array above. For example:



The variable $RotateMarkupFreq specifies how often the markup should be changed -- this page is configured to change the markup every five seconds. Thus, if you reload this page every five seconds you should see a different output in the example above.


  • If the caching is enabled (see $EnableIMSCaching) then browsers may reload pages from the cache and the rotation won't be evident.
  • Any valid PmWiki markup can be placed in the array, although using (:rotate:) recursively is probably not a good idea. :-)

See Also


  • Pm, 2004-12-22


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