Summary: converts MediaWiki to PMWiki
Version: 2008-09-06
Prerequisites: unknown
Status: Beta release
License: GPL2
Maintainer: ChrisC
Categories: WikiConversion
Discussion: MtoPMwiki-Talk

Questions answered by this recipe

How do I convert the content of a MediaWiki site to a PMwiki site?


This recipe provides a method for loading the pages from a Mediawiki site into PMWiki using XML extract and file creation. It only brings across page information it is not a full converer

1)In mediaWiki create the XML extract file as follows

a)Use the all pages option to list all your pages (
b)Use the export as HTML option to extract pages in to a file (

2) rename that file Mwiki.xml and place it in the subdirectory cookbook/filemaker/ along with this file

3) create a directory called 'newfiles' at the top level and set security so you can write to it

4) run this file by including it in the config file

5) move the new files from 'newfiles' to the wiki.d directory

6) disable this file in config and tidy up.



Release Notes

2008-09-06 first release - created by ChrisC following a MediaWiki disaster and a need to load my 1000 page wiki (built in MediaWiki a few years ago) into PMWiki which is now my prefered wiki. you can see the created site at

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See discussion at MtoPMwiki-Talk

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