Summary: Convert Word documents to PmWiki pages
Version: 0.1
Prerequisites: catdoc
Status: working
Maintainer: Utopiah
Categories: OfficeIntegration
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Questions answered by this recipe

How can I include the text content of Word documents in my PmWiki instance?


Convert the text from a Word document to PmWiki PageFileFormat


  1. make sure that you have catdoc installed
    1. if not you can easily apt-get install catdoc
  2. save doc2pmwiki.txtΔ as a script (without .txt) in your path, e.g. ~/bin/doc2pmwiki
  3. make it executable (chmod +x doc2pmwiki)



doc2pmwiki worddocument.doc > path/to/wiki.d/MyGroup.MyDoc

or for multiple documents

doc2pmwiki *.doc > path/to/wiki.d/MyGroup.AllMyDocs


  • Styles are not kept, only the text!
  • This was done as alternative for GNU/Linux systems and for handling a large amount of documents.
  • Instead of catdoc one can use pdftotext to convert PDF instead of Word documents

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See discussion at Doc2Pmwiki-Talk?

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