Summary: Assembles wiki page collections into an EPUB e-book file
Version: 2.2.45 of Publish PDF (released for beta testing 2014-08-08)
Prerequisites: pmwiki 2.2.56 and above, requires php 5.3 or above, requires Calibre command line tools
Status: EPUB output is ready for beta testing
Maintainer: jr
Categories: Publishing, EPUB, PHP55
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How can people generate EPUB format e-books from pmwiki?

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Assemble the pages on a wiki trail into an ebook.


Download the latest Publish PDF version: wikipublisher-2245.tar.gzΔ (versions 2.2.42 and older do not support EPUB output).

Follow the installation instructions at Publish PDF. In addition, download and install Calibre. This will require administrator rights to the server hosting the pmwiki installation.

Since this is a beta release that adds a lot of code, some of which may clash with other recipes, the recipe author strongly advises those using the recipe to test it on a fresh pmwiki installation first. The included file sample-wp-config.php can be used as a local/config.php file. It will ensure the right scripts are loaded.


Uploads must be enabled and tested. When the recipe generates an EPUB (essentially a zip archive), it stores the archive in the uploads directory for the current group. If pmwiki cannot create the necessary directories, it will report an error and the recipe will not produce an EPUB.


Add (:epub:) to a wiki trail page and save. Users will see a button labelled "EPUB" which, when pressed, will turn the pages on the trail into an e-book in EPUB format. A link to the e-book will be displayed next to the button, along with the date and time the file was generated. Pressing the button again will over-write the file (the date and time display is updated).

For Firefox users, there is an EPUBReader add-on which adds EPUB browsing capability to the web browser.


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See discussion at EPUBCreation-Talk

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