Summary: Rewrites hyphens "-" to slashes "/" in URLs.
Version: 2008-05-04
Prerequisites: PmWiki 2.2beta. Otherwise none, but currently only useful in conjunction with Cluster.
NOTE: This recipe is a subset of Hg, so do not use it if you have Hg installed!
Status: Beta
Maintainer: CRAjr
Categories: Hierarchy | PageNaming
Discussion: HgUrls-Talk

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Is there a way to get Cluster to understand pseudo-hierarchical URLs with slashes between groups instead of hyphens (like Hg)?


HgUrls is a subset of the Hg hierarchical groups recipe, and should NOT be used in conjunction with Hg, since this functionality is already included! It translates pseudo-hierarchical URLs between hyphens "-" and slashes "/".
Group/SubGroup/SubSubGroup/Name  resolves successfully as
Group-SubGroup-SubSubGroup.Name  and vice-versa.


I am using Cluster in many of my Wikis, but also need the "hyphen to slash" translation that is built into Hg. The original idea for this recipe is from an email list discussion between ...

  • Dan Vis, creator of Hg
  • Kathryn Andersen, creator of Cluster
  • Patrick R. Michaud, creator of the PmWiki universe

Based on Hg by Dan Vis, Copyright 2007.

At the moment, HgUrls is only useful in conjunction with Cluster. If you find another use, please add a comment.


Install by downloading hgurls.phpΔ to your cookbook directory, then add to your local config file:


You  must  load HgUrls  before  loading Cluster!

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See discussion at HgUrls-Talk

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