System tools and techniques

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AdminByShell  A collection of ways to assist sysadmin of pmwiki using shell tools
Ai  Ai is another mysql data query using an original and efficient system of envelop and masks (functional, but experimental for security reasons maybe)
BackupHTMLZip  Export your wiki to static HTML then optionally compress/zip it (Experimental)
BackupWithRsync  How to backup a PmWiki installation with the program `rsync`. (abandoned)
BlockGroupCreation  How can I only permit writing to existing groups? (Mantained)
BulkReplace  Change the content of many pages at a time (just a rough draft)
Bundle  A (proposed) community-supported bundle of commonly used cookbook recipes (proposal)
Caddy  How to set up Caddy for a working PmWiki installation, including a working CleanURLs configuration
CaseCorrection  Makes PmWiki intelligently case-insensitive (beta)
CleanUp  Purge deleted pages and attachments from the server directories (Beta)
CompareDatabaseRecipes  Comparison of Database Recipes for PmWiki (draft)
CompressedUploads  Modify scripts/upload.php to work with bzip2 archives
DataQuery  Retrieve records and query results from any database supported by ADOdb (such as MySQL) and portray them as wiki pages, allowing them to be processed by other wiki functions such as pagelists, includes, page text variables, and ZAP. (beta)
DirList  Local/LAN directory listings and downloads. (beta)
DQReport  Enhance the functionality that DataQuery offers to build a complete database frontend (Functional)
EditFunctionHelper  A function to easily place, remove or substitute functions on EditFunctions array (Mantainedd)
EmbedMore  Useful Trick for adding anything you can do with a web-page to your wiki-pages (Forms, SQL-lookup, Multi-Media, IP-camera... whatever you can think of)
ExportHTML  Export PmWiki pages as "static" HTML pages
ExportHTMLWiki  Create a wiki using static HTML pages as front end for visitors (stable)
ExtensionDesign  How to create extensions compatible with ExtensionHub (Experimental)
ExtensionHub  Configuration panel for extensions (Experimental)
GooglePlusOne  A recipe to enable the use of Google Plus One widgets in your PmWiki pages (RC)
GoogleSiteMap  Create an XML sitemap in the root of the website which is suitable for submission to Google (and other) search engines. (Active)
IFrameLogin  Demo kit for passing messages between pmwiki and an embedded iframe (see includeSite), with a simple working login demonstration. (Beta, Active)
ImportText  Import text files as PmWiki pages (Under development)
InstallOnIIS  How to install PmWiki on IIS v6 or v7 (living document)
InstallOnIIS10  Install PmWiki on Windows 10 and IIS 10 (Living document)
InstallOnIIS7dot5plus  Install PmWiki on IIS 7.5, 8, 8.5, 10, or newer (Living document)
MailmanAuth  Use an external mailing list for PmWiki authentication (beta)
MarkdownOutput  Presents a wiki page in Markdown format instead of HTML (beta)
MoveCopyDelGroup  Move/copy/delete wiki groups (In active use)
MovePage  Move and copy wiki pages (production)
MovePage-Talk  Talk Page for MovePage recipe
OnEvent  activate recipes based on group(s), name(s), cookie(s), session var(s), mark(s) in the needle page, action(s), download var(s), post var(s), get var(s) and does it all from config.php in a easy multi event match per call ? (mantained)
OutputCompression  Use zlib output compression to make pages load faster
PccfToPcfOverride  Allows existing recipes to run on PHP 7 without causing deprecated create_function() messages. (Beta)
PerformanceComparisons  Page to share site setups and performance
PHP  PHP windows installation and configuration for PmWiki (Living document)
PHPFilesManagement  PHP file manager
RecipeCheck  Check for new versions of recipes on (Stable)
RenamePage  Rename a wiki page from a browser (stable)
SelectQuery  Run a SQL SELECT query based on parameters submitted (demo at Interdependent Web)
ServerInfo  Markup - Display $_SERVER Super-Global results from current Server ( Stable)
SessionPageStore  Temporary/Ephemeral page storage for testing purposes (Experimental)
SiteDump  creates a .tar.gz file of the complete site for download (stable)
SMTPMail  Send automated e-mails via your SMTP server (Experimental)
SourceHistory  Web php programming abilities from computers without any editor installed (beta)
SQLite  Store wiki pages in an SQLite database file (Experimental)
Standalone  Allows PmWiki to run in a "standalone" mode, without needing a webserver such as Apache
Suffr  Allows Wiki users to administer the underlying computer system democratically (design (working proof of concept))
SystemLimits  Ways to increase various memory and filesize limits for a PmWiki installation
TextExtract  search, grep, and extract text from other pages or groups with search terms and regular expressions, using search form or markup expression. (stable)
TotalCounter  A statistic counter - counts page views, users, languages, browsers, operating systems, referers, locations and web bots
TotalCounter-Talk  Talk page for TotalCounter recipe
TwoWayMirroringWithRsync  How to keep identical copies of a wiki on two systems, one hosted and the other local
UpdateForm  Easily create forms to display, add, and update records in a MySQL table. (updated 8/20/2017. Live demo at
UpgradeBashScript  A script that tries to automate the process of upgrading the wiki. (Maintained)
ViewDiff  Compare arbitrary revisions and view a particular version. (Beta)
WikiBox  Allow posting to and reading from PmWiki via email (Alpha)
WikiCVSStorage  Use CVS to backup/archive your wiki.
WikiHost  Code for your Config.php file to simplify updates/templating/migration regardless of http or https
WikiOnAStick  How to place a standalone wiki on a USB stick (new)
WikiRoot  Add Markup to insert the root path to your Wiki allowing, for example, something like a relative address for images or files in your Wiki.
WikiSh  Wiki-based script language roughly emulating linux shell tools (Beta)
ZipExport  Export the content of PmWiki-formatted page files in a zip archive (Beta)
PmWiki /
HowToGetAssistance  How to seek help and assistance and report PmWiki bugs
PmWikiDe /
HowToGetAssistance  Wie Sie Hilfe und Unterst├╝tzung suchen und Fehler an PmWiki melden k├Ânnen