Summary: A (proposed) community-supported bundle of commonly used cookbook recipes
Version: 0
Prerequisites: PmWiki 2.2.x
Status: proposal
Maintainer: Eemeli Aro
Discussion: Bundle-Talk


This is a proposal for a default bundle of pre-configured recipes to include with PmWiki. It's very much a work in progress, and you're invited to participate. Below is a list of proposed recipes to include in this bundle, please add your own suggestions, comments and criticisms as appropriate. Also if you really want to help, feel free to add yourself as a maintainer for the page.

As may be obvious, this list is starting off as rather subjective. To fix this, add your own subjective opinions below to make this a community effort.

Proposed recipes

To voice your opinion, add a vote +/- along with an optional comment and your signature.


Actions to rename, delete & restore deleted attachments, as well as an attachlist replacement to use those actions, show file types and list attachment references.

+ Of course I'm biased as the author, but I do believe Attachtable makes the management of uploaded files significantly easier without adding any notable overhead. The included version should probably be somewhat stripped-down, though, eg. without fileinfo & sortable. —Eemeli Aro
+ I fully agree, Attachtable adds essential housekeeping features (i.e. references, delete) and I consider a stripped version a core candidate (replacement for attachlist). OliverBetz


Automatically Produce an "Author Contributions" page for each author.

+ Minimal overhead, significant utility especially for an admin. —Eemeli Aro


Makes PmWiki intelligently case-insensitive

+ A very small fix with almost no overhead but much improved utility to the occasional visitor. —Eemeli Aro
+ I would go even further: A wiki admin might want to force such page names - maybe he wants to be able to switch to a case insensitive file system (Windows) some day. OliverBetz
+ IMHO the problem is that pmwiki creates different pages if you create links with same letters but different lower/uppercase (For example DataBase? and Database?). Suggestion: All pages should be saved always as lowercase. Bernd Schatz?


Convert an HTML page to PmWiki markup

+ Adds support for most common HTML without security issues by converting the HTML to PmWiki markup. —Eemeli Aro
+ "safe HTML import" is IMO a powerful method to import formatted text. Very useful in many cases. OliverBetz


Shows the difference between 2 versions by highlighting the changes in markup on word level.

+ A significantly clearer view of the differences between two edits that could be configured to be even clearer. —Eemeli Aro
+ This recipe makes it much easier to track changes. But PmWiki still misses the possibility to compare arbitrary versions. OliverBetz


List all uploaded files in RecentUploads pages

+ Adds similar logging for uploaded files as for pages, esp. with the related Attachtable options. —Eemeli Aro


+ Novices don't realize that they shall enter an author name and they might even navigate away and lose edits. OliverBetz


Release notes

  • 2009-06-28 — page created; no implementation yet

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