Summary: Create a small form on a page to enter an address and get a geocode for google maps
Version: February 10, 2008
Prerequisites: Google Maps API key
Status: Basic, functional
Maintainer: Henrik Bechmann
Categories: Uncategorized
Discussion: GetGeocode-Talk?

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How to easily find a geocode (latitude and longitude) for an address, in order to place a marker on a google map.


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Place the directive


on a line your wiki page, for a page that has had the google maps api loaded (See Google Maps API key)

Enter an address in the address field. Hit the "Get Geocode" button. Read the latitude and longitude from the results field.


Place the getgeocode.phpΔ file into the cookbook directory.

Place the line


in your config.php or farmconfig.php file.

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See discussion at GetGeocode-Talk?

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