See PmWiki.MarkupExpressions.

Cookbook /
DetectBrowser  detect what browser your visitor is using
EditMX  Allow Markup Expressions to be used in the editing of a page (Alpha)
MarkupExpressionSamples  custom markup expression samples
MarkupExpressionsExtensions  Adds math, threads, captcha, group counter, random number, attr reader, CSV formatter, server variables, source reader, etc. (Stable)
MarkupExprPlus  Extends {(...)} expression markups (Stable)
MiscMX  Implement miscellaneous PHP functions by means of Markup Expressions (Beta)
PowerTools  markup expressions for multi page processing incl. plist, pagelist, rename, pagecount, wordcount, trail, serialname, serial, newticket, sumdata, allptvs, random (stable)
RecipeInfoMarkupExpression  retrieve and print any property stored in $RecipeInfo, especially the current version of a specific recipe
TextExtract  search, grep, and extract text from other pages or groups with search terms and regular expressions, using search form or markup expression. (stable)
WikiSh  Wiki-based script language roughly emulating linux shell tools (Beta)
WikiShCrypt  Provide encryption/decryption for WikiSh commands and in other contexts (Alpha)
Test /
MarkupExprPlus  Extends {(...)} expression markups (Stable)