Cookbook /
Content  API to create external pages dependent upon text in a wiki page. (Bug fixes, referencing content from other pages)
Functions  Brief description of some of PmWiki's internal functions available to cookbook recipe authors and custom markup developers
MarkupRulesetDebugging  Debugging Markup Ruleset (stable)
ParseArgs  Description of ParseArgs function for parsing argument lists (Stable)
QuickReplace  Quickly define replacement texts in wiki pages, and use them as markup or during page save. (Testing)
RegularExpressions  Some basic info about PHP regular expressions.
SchrootConverter  Converter that uses Schroot to execute commands for the Content recipe (First Release)
ShortCutsMarkup  Gives easy access to creating some types of custom markup. (Working)
SourceHistory  Web php programming abilities from computers without any editor installed (beta)