Summary: Use a page text variable for link text, when available
Version: 2019-07-10
Prerequisites: PmWiki 2
Status: works so far
Maintainer: RandyB
Categories: Links, Markup, PHP55, PHP72
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Questions answered by this recipe

  • How do I use a page's Summary, instead of its title, as link text?
  • How do I make a link that automatically includes a page's Summary or other page text variable following the link text?

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This recipe provides markup that will create a link whose link text is a page text variable on the target page. If the variable is not defined, the link text will default to the page's $Title. This allows you to easily use meaningful text, such as the page's Summary, for links to pages whose names are meaningless.


Put this in your configuration file:

function PTVLinkText ($pn) {
    $ptv = PageTextVar($pn,'Summary');
    if (strlen($ptv)) {
         return $ptv;
    } else {
         return PageVar($pn, '$Title');

You will also need one of the following:

  • For PmWiki versions 2.2.58 and later, add this:
  Markup('[[|~', '<[[|',
  function mu_PTVLinkText($m) {
    return Keep(
      MakeLink( $pagename, $m[1], PTVLinkText(
          MakePageName($pagename,$m[1]) )
  • For PmWiki versions prior to 2.2.56, add this instead:
 Markup('[[|~', '<[[|',
  "Keep(MakeLink(\$pagename, PSS('$1'),


In the code shown above, "Summary" is the page text variable used for the link text. To use a different variable, change "Summary" in the PTVLinkText function to your preferred variable.


Use a tilde character as your link text in markup. For example:


would create the following link:

Use a page text variable for link text, when available


A variation of this is to modify a link so that it is automatically followed by a page text variable. Here's an example of appending the page's $:Summary in a smaller font (for versions 2.2.56 and later):

Markup_e('[[|$', '<[[|',
   "Keep(MakeLink(\$pagename, \$m[1],
     ),'L').PRR('&nbsp; [-'.PageTextVar(\$m[1],'Summary').'-]')"); 

function PTVLinkTextSummaryAfterAndSmaller ($pn) {
    $title = PageVar($pn, '$Title');
    return $title;

The markup for the above variation would look like this:


and it would create the following link plus text:

PTVLinkText  Use a page text variable for link text, when available

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