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B3  Easy to install and use wiki blogging system (Experimental)
Bloge-Feeds  Blog-like Atom & RSS feeds (beta)
BlogItRSS  BlogItRSS - Easily create RSS feeds for your blog. (Stable)
BlogParser  A simple parser for RSS feeds from content blocks based on kind-of-blog (Works)
EnhancedWebFeeds  Enhances native PM Wiki Feed support. (beta)
FeedLinks  Add HTML-header links to enable autodiscovery of RSS/Atom feeds. (Active)
GeoTagging  Geotagging support within PmWiki using GeoRSS and KML compliant output options (Release)
GoogleSitemaps  How to submit a complete list of web pages to google
InlineRSS  Allows insertion of an RSS feed's contents into a PmWiki page. (DRAFT)
Jticker  jQuery based Newsticker (Alpha)
PageFeed  Creates RSS feeds from page histories (Beta)
PmFeed  RSS feed display for PmWiki. (Stable)
RSS  List of all recipes in the RSS category, RSS, webfeeds and tools
RssFeedDisplay  How to add an RSS feed to a page
RssFeedDisplay-Talk  Talk Page for RssFeedDisplay
RSSFeedLink  How to create auto-detect RSS feed links
RSSOutput  RSS Output from a wikipagelist (BETA)
Scraper  Add a markup for retrieving a portion of the content from an external webpage (screen-scraping). (Project)
SeeAllRSSChanges  Add date to RSS feed
SimplePieDisplay  Add an RSS feed to a page using SimplePie (Beta)
Twitter  Display twitter-messages and twitpics from any member in your page.
TwitterPost  easily post updates to your Twitter account via PHP functions (not currently working, as of Summer 2010 - twitter has switched to OAuth - recipe to hopefully be updated soon)