Summary: Css Compressor for recipes and skins
Version: 20110425
Prerequisites: pmwiki 2
Status: maintained
Maintainer: CarlosAB
Discussion: CssCompress-Talk?
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Questions answered by this recipe

How can I compress css files from recipes and skins with PmWiki?


This enables the admin to compress css files from pmwiki using an action called csscompress.


Just Unzip the zip file and place it under the cookbook folder, then include the following lines in your config.php:




if you have a farm.


Don't forget to fill the array called $CssCompressFiles, with the infiles and outfiles of your choice in pairs.


Access any page with the action 'action=csscompress', to see the files you filled in been compressed or giving understandable error messages (hope so).


The recipe expects proper css inside css files, i.e. no errors, altough it can fix some small errors, don't rely too much on it.

Change log / Release notes

20110425Δ - Combined some shorthand functions, removed the overwrite option and small fixes.
20110402Δ - More shorthand compression.
20110401Δ - Added shorthand compression and small fixes.
20110327Δ - 2 new compression functions, changed the order the functions inside CssCompress get called and small fixes.
20110316Δ - Removed $CssCompressPage and changed recipe version.
20110309Δ - Renamed a variable called $CssCompressTabSpaceNewline to $CssCompressTabReturnNewline, Renamed all functions to CssCompress Namespace and removed the necessity of a wikilib.d file.
20110201Δ - Included a call to short2hex in csscompress funtions.
20110129Δ - Changed code comment about relative paths and position of $CssCompressPage.
20110118Δ - First release

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See discussion at CssCompress-Talk?

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