PHP files management

Summary: PHP file manager
Maintainer: PRZ


On my host, I cannot handle with FTP the files created by PHP modules, what can I do?


On some hosts, the owner of files and directories created with PHP is not the same as the owner of the files handled by FTP. If this is the case with your host and if they have limited access rights, you may not be able to remove or rename files created by PHP add-ons. By example you will not be able to manage images created by a gallery in upload directory or remove compressed archive files.

The solution is to install a PHP file manager. There are several that are freely available; A good example is filethingie (filethingie). This program shall be installed in the root of your wiki and then configured to define user name and password, and also the directory where it is allowed to operate (e.g. 'uploads').

It is also a good idea for safety to rename this program with some cryptic name, style 'zmw4t5qh.php' (first letter shall be lowercase !).

Note: Due to the access rights restrictions, the files uploaded by FTP may not be manageable with this PHP file manager.


  • This recipe requires at least PmWiki version: Any version
  • This recipe, version 0 was installed here the 18 november 2005



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