Database and data applications

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Ai  Ai is another mysql data query using an original and efficient system of envelop and masks (functional, but experimental for security reasons maybe)
CompareDatabaseRecipes  Comparison of Database Recipes for PmWiki (draft)
DataPlates  Automatically generate templates for displaying, editing, and searching database queries. (beta)
DataQuery  Retrieve records and query results from any database supported by ADOdb (such as MySQL) and portray them as wiki pages, allowing them to be processed by other wiki functions such as pagelists, includes, page text variables, and ZAP. (beta)
DQReport  Enhance the functionality that DataQuery offers to build a complete database frontend (Functional)
EditDataPages  Bring the wiki's View and Edit commands to ZAP data pages (in active use)
EmbedMore  Useful Trick for adding anything you can do with a web-page to your wiki-pages (Forms, SQL-lookup, Multi-Media, IP-camera... whatever you can think of)
JITS  Issue Tracking System (tested with)
MyPmWiki  Query a MySQL database server and display the results in a wiki page
OdbcPmWiki  Query a odbc-SQL database server (MS-SQL) and display the results in a wiki page
SimpleAjax  Allow a simple ajax interaction within forms, usually via WikiSh (Backup of Development version)
SQLite  Store wiki pages in an SQLite database file (Experimental)
Txtdb  Txtdb (A simple csv based database) (Active/Alpha)
WhosWhere  Show Who's Where on your wiki (Experimental)
WhosWhere-Talk  Talk page for WhosWhere.