Author Contribution

Summary: Automatically Produce an "Author Contributions" page for each author.
Version: 2007-09-16
Prerequisites: PmWiki 2.0.x or newer
Status: Stable
Maintainer: Hagan Fox
Categories: Editing


This recipe automatically keeps a list of the pages each author has edited. The "Author Contributions" page is kept in Profiles.<author's name>-Contrib. Contributions by authors without profile pages are placed in a single Profiles.Other-Contrib page.

For example if Bob's profile page is Profiles.Bob, the a Profiles.Bob-Contrib RecentChanges-type page will be kept that lists the pages Bob has edited.


Download authorcontrib.phpΔ and place it to your cookbook/ directory, then insert the following line in your local/config.php file:

if ($action == 'edit' || $action == 'comment') {
include_once("$FarmD/cookbook/authorcontrib.php"); }

You can use the "$FarmD/" part even if your wiki is not in a WikiFarm.


If want to enable $EnablePostAuthorRequired, this recipe must be included after the line that sets $EnablePostAuthorRequired to 1.

Release Notes

If the recipe has multiple releases, then release notes can be placed here. Note that it's often easier for people to work with "release dates" instead of "version numbers".

Added version information; markup for lines is now configurable; fixed lowercase-username issue (patch by Lordmundi)
Minor update. Added s note about searching for -Contrib pages; the script now just exits for actions other than edit and comment.

See Also

  • The old version of this recipe, which saved contributions in a separate group.
  • An older script, authorcontribution.phpΔ. Use it at your own risk.
  • WikiSh gives the capability to handle this in a different way, simply selecting appropriate lines from AllRecentChanges. See WikiShExamples#ListAuthChanges for the 3 (or more by now?) ways that people have solved this problem.



See discussion at AuthorContribution-Talk

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