Summary: adds fieldset, legend, and label tags to PmWiki forms
Version: 1.0
License: "no license: modify and distribute freely"
Status: in active use at,
Maintainer: Ben Stallings
Categories: Forms

Questions answered by this recipe

How can I use PmWiki to generate XHTML's <fieldset>, <legend>, and <label> tags in my forms?

How can I easily add a button to a page that causes all checkboxes on that page to toggle to the opposite state?


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  1. Put this file in your cookbook directory: formextensions.phpΔ
  2. Add this line to your config.php: include_once "$FarmD/cookbook/formextensions.php";
  3. Use the markup as shown below.

Since a legend is only ever used in conjunction with a fieldset, it has been moved inside the fieldset tag, to eliminate the need for a separate (:legend:) tag. Similarly, the text of a label has been moved into the label tag to eliminate the need for a separate (:labelend:) tag. However, note that an input must have an id that matches the label.

(:input form:)
(:fieldset "What is your favorite primary color?":)
(:input radio color red id=red:) (:label red "Red like the sunset":)\\
(:input radio color green id=green:) (:label green "Green like the grass":)\\
(:input radio color blue id=blue:) (:label blue "Blue like the ocean":)
(:input submit:)
(:input end:)

The example code above will result in the three radio buttons being surrounded by a box with "What is your favorite primary color" at the top. The text beside each radio button will be clickable to activate the corresponding button. See a working example at . (Please don't submit the form unless you really want what it's offering.)


This recipe is called "Form Extensions" because I plan to add additional features soon. Here's my current wish list; feel free to add features you'd like to see.

  • Allow checking a box or radio button to change the style of the corresponding label, for example to bold. (requires JavaScript)
  • Allow resizable textareas like those in Drupal. (requires JavaScript)
  • Allow combo boxes like those in FreeBase, with contents generated by a pagelist. (requires JavaScript)
  • Allow calculated inputs, for example a field that shows the total of a number of other fields. (requires JavaScript)

Release Notes

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  • 2007-03-26: Version 1.0
  • 2008-06-14: added (:toggleboxes:) markup to create a button that toggles all checkboxes on the page. This could be modified to only toggle boxes that match a pattern, but I haven't done that yet.

See Also

  • FormsPlus - Form extensions adding new HTML5 input types


Ben Stallings


See discussion at FormExtensions-Talk

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