Summary: A function to easily place, remove or substitute functions on EditFunctions array
Version: 20180320
Prerequisites: none
Status: Mantainedd
Maintainer: CarlosAB
License: GPL2
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How can I easily manipulate the EditFunction array?


How can I easily manipulate the $EditFunctions array.


Just include_once the file on config and after that you are ready to use it.

It follows markup function signaling method (my function "<" before or ">" after this EditFunction array entry) .


No configuration is necessary.


Include the function you want in a recipe or inside config.php, and after that inject the function inside $EditFunctions array like this:

# p = place; r=remove and s=substitute
# on action place you have to use the signaling "< or >"
# before the edit function name
# on remove and substitute actions, you should
# not use signaling at all

This way "MyFunctionName" will be placed after "RestorePage" function.

You can also use menemonics like "b" for begin, the first position in the array or "e" for end, just for the place action, to append your function to the end of the array.

If you have future plans or wishes for this recipe.

Change log / Release notes

20180301 - First version
20180320 - 2nd version - editfunctionhelper-20180320.phpΔ

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CarlosAB March 20, 2018, at 04:09 AM


See discussion at EditFunctionHelper-Talk?

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