URL of PmWiki site to analyze
Analyze key

Allow to save a copy of analysis results


Instructions for site administrators

  1. Download the analyze.php script and place it in your site's cookbook/ directory.
  2. Add the following lines to local/config.php, changing $AnalyzeKey to a key to use for your site.
    $AnalyzeKey = 'secret';
  3. Fill in the form at the top of the site analyzer page with the url used to access your site and the value of $AnalyzeKey that you set in local/config.php.
  4. Press the "Analyze Site" button.
  5. The PmWiki server will contact your site and report back with information on recommended configuration changes to your site and any vulnerabilities you may need to consider.

Checking the "Allow to save a copy of analysis results" box will save a copy of the analyzer results in a private (web inaccessible) section of the server. Having copies of results from many systems will help us to improve the analyzer and future configuration and security options for the PmWiki distribution.

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