Summary: Produce a thumbnail link to a full-sized uploaded image that, in turn, links back to the page.
Version: 20060315
Prerequisites: Designed for PmWiki 2.1
Status: Pending code review by Pm
Maintainer: Hagan Fox
Categories: Images


With this recipe you can easily create a thumbnail link to a page that displays a full-size image, which in turn links back to the page containing the thumbnail link. Use several thumbnail links on a page to easily create an image gallery.

By default the thumbnail image will be 80px high. You can specify another height or a width, or both if you want to change the aspect ratio of the thumbnail.


Download the thumblink.phpΔ script and place it in your cookbook/ directory, then tell PmWiki to use it by putting the following command somewhere in your local/config.php configuration file:

## Enable (:thumb <image_filename>:) markup that displays an image.

Note that you can use the "$FarmD/" part of the command even if your wiki is not configured as a WikiFarm. Be sure to use double quotes ("), not single quotes (').


Basic usage is just to do

(:thumb <image_filename>:)

The default thumbnail height is 75 pixels. A proportional width will be provided by the browser. Optionally you may specify a different width, a height, or both as in

(:thumb <image_filename> width=120:)


(:thumb <image_filename> height=100:)


(:thumb <image_filename> width=120 height=90:)


The script's code needs to be scrutinized by Pm and/or someone else who knows the PmWiki internals well (because I don't). Use at your own risk until then.

For this release, the image must be capable of being displayed with "Attach:<image_filename>" without specifying any group or page. (Attachments can be by site, group, or page. The default is by group, meaning the image just needs to be uploaded in the same group.)

This recipe cannot be used together with ThumbList as they both have the same command (:thumb:).

Possible enhancements

  • Somehow use an #anchor to reduce scrolling.
  • Use JavaScript?
  • Captions?

Release Notes

If the recipe has multiple releases, then release notes can be placed here. Note that it's often easier for people to work with "release dates" instead of "version numbers".

See Also

  • ThumbList - A thumbnail picture gallery for PmWiki



See discussion at ThumbnailLinkToImage-Talk

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