Summary: A pull down menu that can be used for navigation
Version: 2018-06-07
Prerequisites: Latest version of PmWiki
License: GPL2
Categories: Forms | Markup | Menus | PHP55 | PHP72
Discussion: JumpBox-Talk
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Questions answered by this recipe

Q. How do I make a select box that automatically jumps to the page I select?
A. Use the Jumpbox recipe, of course.

How to Use

1. Download and enable the jumpbox.phpΔ recipe by adding the following to your config.php file:

include_once "$FarmD/cookbook/jumpbox.php";

For PHP 7.2 or newer please get jumpbox72.phpΔ instead (should also work in PHP 5).

2. Create a pagelist template that looks like the following:

(:template first:)
(:input jumpbox value='' label='Select One...':)
(:template each:)
(:input jumpbox value="{=$PageUrl}" label="{=$Title}":)

3. Create a pagelist like the following

(:pagelist group=Main fmt=#jumpbox:)


I just copied this from the page Pm put up at Test.JumpBox.



See Discussion at JumpBox-Talk

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