Summary: "Like" your wiki pages into Facebook.
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How can I post links (with descriptive summaries and media) of my pmwiki pages into Facebook?

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This is a beginners "How to", on making your pmwiki site known on Facebook.

Basic steps.

+ Create a Facebook account.
What you post on your account can be visible by your Facebook "friends",
or by every Facebook reader, if you wish to.

+ With your Facebook account create a Facebook page.
What you post in this page can be made visible for anyone on the internet.

+ To link your wiki pages to Facebook, you can do one of the following.

- Use an appropriate cookbook recipe, and install a "facebook button" on your wiki.
Every time you click on it, you would be connected to your Facebook account.
The problem with this is that you embed Facebook's code into your pages.

- Use a solution like RSS Graffiti,
that is supposed to be able to embed your wiki's rss feed into your Facebook account, or page.
The problem here is that it is unreliable. It might work...

- Use a browser extention, like Facebook Share Button.
It creates a Facebook "Like" button on your browser.
You click on it, every time, to post a link of the page that you are viewing, into your Facebook account.
Then you will have to make, one by one, every link public, and probably, publish it in your Facebook page.

+ The result can look quite nice.

Example: www.facebook.com/pages/Άναρχη-δόμηση-ιδεών/664773103638328


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